Thursday, November 8, 2012

High Expectation Means High Result

I took this from the Purpose Fairy's Facebook page. And find it really useful for my present situation. Just this week, I have already started my volunteer work as a nurse in the rural health unit. For more than a year, my brain rested entertaining concepts I learned from the nursing school.

And for 3 days that I've been reporting to the RHU, I am really overwhelmed by the number of patients flocking in the morning for consultation and for tooth extraction. Another thing is, the nurses working there are labeled as "mini doctors" because they work independently with the use of the IMCI guideline. In nursing, it's like the bible of the community health nurses in treating common sickness for children from 2 months to 5 years old.

In my mind, I always say that I already have the mommy brain, a good excuse for me every time I forget something (which happens almost always). During my duty time, I can just say that my brain has become stagnant. AS IN. It's so hard for me to understand the concept of IMCI and wonder when could I probably become an expert in it.

Reading that quote above enlightened me so much. I have to give my brain a little higher expectation so that I can live up with it. It can help me learn faster at work, since being mommy is no excuse at all. ***wink***

Friday, November 2, 2012

Win Some, Lose Some

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

If any has wondered why I haven't updated my blog for more than a week, then this post is a sort of my explanation, partly. =)

I promised myself that I would update this blog everyday. But I failed.

Hey, that's okay! Because I have realized though, for me ha, it's better not to blog than not to have time with my unico ijo.

Yes, win some lose some ang drama ko this week. In so many angles.

First, as I have mentioned about my blogging concern, it did become a serious time-eater that the time I shoulda spend with my son was affected in a nega way. I know, I know, blogging and family time are juggled well enough by others. But for me, di ko pa sya masyadong reach. So I better blog, during my super extra time - well, that means, when Kristoff is asleep, chores are done, and I am well-rested. =)

Second, I will start my volunteer work in the RHU (Rural Health Unit) this Tuesday na. I am doing this to increase my chance to be hired in the RNHeals program of the DOH and DOLE in January. I want to practice na din my profession as a nurse and to help with the finances, also as a way to show thanks to my parents who sacrificed a lot to send me to college. But then, it means, I'm not gonna see my son 9 hours a day. =( I comfort myself thinking that I can, pero the other question is, how about him, can he? Gets me teary eyed.

One time, I left him to my MIL on the day that I passed my application. They told me that he was pointing to the way home. And when I came back in the afternoon, his face lightened up ng sobra when he saw me...Huhu...

I'm gonna miss the days........ 


Another thing pa pala about my win-some-lose-some drama is that the things in my wishlist, like the rolling pin and the mixer that I wanna buy this November would be set aside muna since for 2 months akong magwo-work without pay. Extra expenses.

Yeah, some sacrifice for some future gain. Mabibili ko din ang mga yan.=)

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