Monday, August 27, 2012

At El Toro Zoo!

At the fourth day of our La Castellana trip, we watched the report of TV Patrol Negros featuring the zoo in town. We never really knew before that there's this spot in La Castellana if not for that report. 
So the following day, we went to visit it.

From the town market, we rode a pedicab going to the zoo. What faced us was a very tall gate made of plain sheets that hid the inside from the outside onlookers. The entrance fee costs one hundred pesos for adults and eighty pesos for a pair of student and parent during school tours.

The zoo was a bit busy since two classes from different schools in Negros scheduled a tour there. Nevertheless, it was still a feast for our eyes. Personally, this is only the third zoo I've been to. The first two was still when I was in elementary and I'm 25 now! For Kristoff, it's his first!

Our zoo tour guide is Clyde and I really thank him for showing and naming all the animals there for us. Whatta memory he has! Let me now tell you our experience through the pictures!

Kristoff was still asleep here.

This is an entrance to the part of the zoo that houses nocturnal animals. Unfortunately, Mark's phone ran out of memory space and all the pics we took with these animals weren't saved and we didn't realize!

Hi Mr./Ms. Owl!

Arapaima. A fish from the Amazon.

Oscar fish from South America.

Male double wattled cassowary from NE Australia.

Crocodiles from the Philippines.

Monitor lizard from the Philippines.

Green Iguana from South America.

Fahaka Puffer Fish from Nile River.

Golden Tilapia.

I can't help smiling. My son looks like his grandpa in this photo. :)

With the albino giant gourami from China.

Puffer Fish or Butete.

A kiss with the giant gourami.

Female single wattled cassowary.

Eagle! They do have different kinds of this.

They have a wide variety of birds, fishes and turtles! I just can't name all of them, got a poor memory and so not prepared! I should have bought my small notebook and pen with me plus a great space of storage card for all the pics! Lesson learned for the next trip!

I was lucky to get to talk to the owner of the zoo, Mr. Felix "Elic" Divino, a former farmer and teacher of West Negros University. He started this zoo back in 2009 and opened it first exclusively
 for his family and friends.

I got curious of the zoo's name, El Toro and asked him about it. It's from the first syllables of his and his friends' names pala. El for Elic, To for Tomas and Ro for Roland. :)

We're glad we came to El Toro Zoo. It's a whole new experience for Kristoff and for
my small family of three!

El Toro Zoo is located in Gomez St., La Castellana, Negros Occidental. For inquiries or tour reservations you may call 485-0121 or 485 -8130.


  1. It looks like you had a great day at the zoo! I always enjoy going and looking at the animals. It's nice to be able to enjoy animals you wouldn't ever see otherwise.

    1. Yes! We grabbed this chance to see these animals. :)

  2. awww it looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves! Love all the animals-- thinking its time to head to the zoo with the kiddos!

    1. Yeah it would be a great experience for you and your kids! :)

  3. Looks like you had a great time, love all the pictures!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun with the kids.

    1. It truly is! Thanks for the comment Army of Moms! :)

  5. what a fun day! there are so many interesting looking fish at this zoo! I'm a new follower of your blog :)

    1. Thanks Jen! I visited your blog and it's awesome! The zoo has a plenty of fish and birds!

  6. Our son loves to look at the animals too. Your post is inspiring me to go to our local zoo with our son!

    1. Oh you're lucky to have a local zoo. In our case, we have to travel a minimum of 5 hours to visit one. :)


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