Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Wednesday Cheap Ukay- ukay Finds

If you're from the Philippines or been to the Philippines you might be familiar of the famous Ukay-ukay, a local term for scrambling. It's named in such term perhaps mainly because when you go to the Ukay-ukay store, you scramble all the clothes in that long table to find for the best clothes with the cheapest price.

Ukay-ukay is our version of the thrift store and sometimes we call it UK as a slang and "relip" for relief goods because these clothes are preloved or preowned clothes, bags, toys, and shoes from other countries that are sold in a very cheap price here.

Our town holds a "marketing day" every Wednesday where people from town and other nearby places come together to sell and buy products. Of course, ukay-ukay won't be missing on this day. So hubby, my son and I found our way there to see and have fun with the crowd.

When we get there at around 9 in the morning, a lot of people were already busy scrambling the clothes. So, I let Mark tend to Kristoff and took my time to do the ukay-ukay!

Thirty minutes after, here are my cheap deals!

A shirt for Kristoff for only P40.

A polo shirt for only P40.

Kristoff's pants (brand new) for only P40.

For my niece, Quia, for P30.

Bloomer for Quia at P20.

We also bought shirts for Mark and me at only P25. For this thrift store shopping, we only spent around P400 or $9.6 for 11 clothes! 

I love to go back next Wednesday. :)


  1. Wow, those are really cheap! I haven't been to an ukay ukay in ages! I need to get me some cheap finds too :)

    1. Yes, Pepper, you must try some time, too. Brand new pa ang iba at pwede pang tumawad. Hehe!


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